Fortini Creamy Summer Fruit ( Multi Fibre) (4 x 100g)

Fortini Creamy Summer Fruit ( Multi Fibre) (4 x 100g)

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Fortini Creamy Fruit is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision. Fortini Creamy Fruit is a nutritionally complete*, 1.5kcal/g, ready to eat, fruit flavoured, dessert style oral nutritional supplement with fibre, for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition and growth failure in children from one year of age (>8kg in body weight).

Fortini Creamy Fruit can be used to supplement the diet of children who are unable to meet their nutritional requirements from other foods or it is suitable as a sole source of nutrition for children aged 1-12 years or 8-45kg in body weight (see precautions).

Available in 100g pots in two flavours; berry fruit and summer fruit.

A 100g pot of Fortini
Creamy Fruit provides:

  • 150kcal (1.5kcal/g)
  • 9% energy from protein
  • 1.9g Multi Fibre
  • 5% real fruit
  • Creamy smooth texture
    No bits!
  • Comparable nutritional profile so you can mix and match with the rest of the Fortini range
  • Child-friendly presentation for better acceptance
  • Can be helpful for children with swallowing issues
  • A similar consistency to a yoghurt or custard