Our purpose is to help people achieve better health by creating
highest quality researched based nutritional supplements.

Better Nutrition. Better Health. Better You


At Nutritech Labs we believe that our mother nature has everything to offer that a body needs to obtain a superior health. That’s why we focus on the pure herbs our nature has to offer along with researched based quality ingredients that nutritional science has developed. we partner with the leading suppliers. Source only the top-quality ingredients. And work with pharmacologists, chemists and research scientists to create most advanced formulation supplements in the market. 

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We work with the most experienced suppliers & manufacturers consisting of a dedicated team of research scientists, pharmacologists & chemists with the sole aim to create most advanced formulation supplements in the market.


The purity & the source of the ingredients is of prime importance for us. We only source high grade ingredients which are backed by latest clinical research. All the raw materials are lab-tested for purity. 

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All our products are manufactured in ultra-modern GMP certified facilities in UK that follow highest quality control standards. Each & Every Batch is lab tested for purity & heavy metals to assure that we comply with health standards.

The nutritech labs journey

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Hi, I'm Swapnil...

I founded Nutritech Labs in 2015 with the mission to help people achieve better healthy naturally.

My Story:
Before founding Nutritech Labs at a very young age of just 28 my health was on wrong track.

I was clinically obese, my blood cholesterol levels had just crossed the borderline & were in high risk zone!
Not only that my Liver Blood Test Values were not good either.

After extensive research, talking to fitness experts and studying several diets  I finally knew that I will need to work on my eating choices & follow a healthy lifestyle. After all we are what we eat!

I started focusing on healthy eating, daily exercise & took the help of natural herbs our mother nature has offered us for centuries.

Slowly slowly my right nutritional choices became my habits which eventually changed my life. I started feeling energetic, had better mood & I could focus better. I lost 16 kgs of weight in next 7 months. Best thing, my hard work paid off & my blood tests were finally normal.

My personal success inspired me to help others in their journey & in 2015 Nutritech Labs was born.

And my mission through Nutritech Labs is to help others achieve better health naturally by leveraging research-based ingredients that our mother nature & science has to offer.

I am proud to say that now we have partnerships with most experienced suppliers throughout UK & that our products have helped thousands of customers in their journey towards a better health.

Best of Luck & Thanks for reading!
Swapnil K
Founder & CEO, Nutritech Labs 

Nutritech Labs Ltd is registered with Company House as Private Ltd Company 09693452. We are VAT Registered Business in the UK - VAT No: 304032955

Our Postal Address is:
Nutritech Labs Ltd
27 Old Gloucester Street
London, WC1N 3AX