Probiotics- 20 Billion CFUs

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It is very important to have a good balance between a good bacteria and bad bacteria’s for the proper functioning of your body as well as your digestive and immune system.
This Balance can be disturbed when you lose Good Bacteria, Which can Happen By several factors such as:
  • Taking Antibiotics
  • illness
  • Age Factors
  • Weak Diet
  • Stress etc

This Imbalance can promote more Bad Bacteria´s in your gut which may result in weak Digestive System, Irregular bowel movements, Weak Immune System and other Abdominal Issues.

Complete Probiotics Supplement from Nutritech Labs Helps Maintain good balance between good bacteria’s and bacteria´s  for complete Gut Flora Support.

Below are some benefits:

  • Contains Guaranteed 20 Billion CFU´s per capsules and 6 powerful Stains for Complete Gut Support.
  • Includes FOS to encourage good bacteria growth.
  • Helps Protect Digestive System and Fights against Stomach Upsets.
  • Helps improve regular bowel movement
  • Helps Promote Good Bacteria´s in your Gut.
  • Contains specially formulated capsules that resist stomach acids and ensure proper targeted time release.
  • Capsules and Vegetarian Friendly

Contains High quality Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients only, manufactured in UK as per GMP Standards and in ISO 9001 Certified Facility.

For fast results of the most potent probiotic supplement, click the "Buy" button, and try COMPLETE-PROBIOTICS today! 

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