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Amino Acid Complex Supplement- l Arginine, l lysine & l Ornithine

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  • [ TRIPLE INGREDIENT FORMULA ] While searching for a quality amino acid supplement, look for l arginine & l lysine. Our formula contains advance amino acid supplement with correct blend of L-ARGININE, essential amino acid L-LYSINE. L-ORNITHINE is also added to make it more effective.
  • [ PEAK ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE ] Very powerful and effective pills, you will start seeing results within a short time. You can expect to workout harder & longer. Contains L Arginine & L Lysine that helps prevent muscle breakdown & aids in muscle recovery. Ornithine also helps prevent fatigue & helps boost energy.
  • [ NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER ] Loaded with amino acid L Arginine Nitric Oxide (NO) booster, which helps blood vessels to relax & increase circulation. This aids in better delivery of oxygen & other nutrients to the muscle during the workout resulting in great pump & better exercise performance.
  • [ PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTION ] Safety and Quality is vital to us. We only use tested premium quality ingredients. Contains no fillers, binders or artificial flavors. All the tablets are made in the state of art facility in UK strictly under GMP standards.
  • [ 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ] If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the product for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose. Produced by Supplement professionals in an approved ultra-modern laboratory. Approved by all relevant regulatory bodies.


-Amino Triple is a 3 ingredient amino acid formula specially designed to boost workout performance. 
-Contains a perfect blend of amino acid L Arginine nitric oxide booster, essential amino acid L Lysine & L Ornithine.

Amino Acids for Body: Amino acids are building blocks of protein & are needed in our body to perform vital functions such as tissue repair, protein synthesis and therefore plays an important part in building muscle*
Amino Acids for Exercise: When you workout your muscle proteins breakdown. Amino acids assist in protein synthesis & help you rebuild muscle & recover from the training.

Amino Triple Contain a blend of following amino acids:
L-Arginine- L arginine converts into nitric oxide in our body, which helps blood vessels to relax aiding in better delivery of oxygen to the muscle during the workout resulting in great pump & better exercise performance.

L-Lysine- L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that our body does not naturally produce. It can be obtained from foods & supplements
L-Lysine plays an important part in muscle tissue. It assists in protein synthesis & recover muscle after a heavy workout.

L-Ornithine- L-Ornithine is crucial in our body to remove excess nitrogen. It is also shown to help reduce fatigue & increase energy during workouts
LArginine-Ornithine combination can also help boost total strength & lean body mass.

Advantages of Using Nutritech Labs Amino Acid Supplement:-
►Triple Ingredient Formula including L Arginine & L Lysine
►contains all essential & non-essential amino acids
►High Strength up to 2500 mg per serving
►best value
►premium quality ingredients
►manufactured in state of art UK facility under GMP standards

►►Very powerful and effective, you are guaranteed to get more out of life!

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